Medill Incubate

Medill Incubate was an experimental collaboration that took place in summer 2012 among magazine, interactive publishing and reporting graduate students at Northwestern University‘s Medill School of Journalism.  The goal of this entrepreneurial magazine and interactive innovation project was to develop a sustainable model for conceiving and developing unique and relevant media products in 11 weeks.

Four products were born from 22 vague concepts: two digital publications and two mobile apps that sought to address gaps in the pre-teen, technology, beer and fitness markets.  Each team developed business plans that could take their products to market, and were used in presentations to industry experts and investors.

I served as the editorial and business strategy director where I led and supported a group of 23 graduate journalism students.  I oversaw, edited and contributed to the content development of all four products.  I also consulted on each projects product development, business plan, operations, marketing and growth strategy.